The Zahi Hawass visit to the 57357 Children Cancer Hospital
07 Feb 2018

Dr. Zahi Hawass confirmed that the income from selling his famous hat, produced by an American company, will be donated to the 57357 Children Cancer Hospital. Hawass called upon the entire world to donate to the hospital, to ease the pain of these children.
 This was issued today during Hawass' visit to the hospital, as he was welcomed by the hospital's director Dr. Sherif Abo Elnaga and a group of children in Pharaoh's outfits carrying flowers. Hawass check the sections and rooms of the hospital, in addition to the new extention site that will be added to the hospital. Hawass talked to the children about the Ancient Egyptians, secrets of building the pyramids and the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Hawass pointed out to the Hawass Center of Egyptology, a Bibliotheca Alexandrina extension, that it will have a great care for children, in order to increase their cultural awareness. Hawass said that he will hold many lecturers for the children within the hospital and will give them books and stories about the Ancient Egyptians in a very simple manner.
  Dr. Hawass met last Monday with a group of more than 500 children by the pyramids and gave them a tour in the Giza Plateau, pointing out the most important monuments.